A young woman, Hanna, comes home to her apartment for the evening. After a rather foreboding conversation with one of her friends involving recent disappearances in the area, and an old Native American boarding school that was burned down, she soon discovers that someone – or something – has crept into her apartment.

The first film in the Fathoms of Yiqomec horror series, The Visitor will be followed up by its companion piece, Night of the Kanuak, in 2017.

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Meet Cal Richter, a man with a mysterious past. Through as-of-yet unknown means, Cal has forced a lower-tier criminal, Mikey, out of hiding and into an impromptu meeting on the gritty streets of East Hollywood.

Things take an unexpected twist when Mikey may know more about Cal than meets the eye. What is Cal after, and is Mikey a part of something much larger?

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NIGHT OF THE KANUAK (Post-production)

As a mysterious Native American doll looks on, Karen and Mica are having an early dinner get-together with a couple of friends. As the evening progresses, Karen begins to have recurring sightings of things that are out of the ordinary. The viewings become more sinister each time and Karen begins to wonder if what she is experiencing is even real.

Soon, Karen finds herself the pawn in a macabre game of cat-and-mouse where she is increasingly cut off from the rest of society, and perhaps even her own sanity. What is beneath the veil of so-called reality?

The second film in the Fathoms of Yiqomec horror series, Night of the Kanuak is the companion film to The Visitor. It further illuminates the clues left in The Visitor and both films foreshadow what transpires in the forthcoming feature film, Hobb’s Reach.


HOBB’S REACH (In Development)

When his mentor mysteriously goes missing while researching an ancient Native American tribe, intrepid anthropologist Wilson Leggit organizes a small group of friends in order to investigate the matter. Clues lead them to a decrepit town in the mountains, where things are not what they appear to be.

Members of Wilson’s team begin to exhibit strange behavior as it becomes increasingly apparent that they may have disturbed ancient, malevolent forces.

GOING ROGUE (In Development)

An action/science fiction short film based on the Fading Empires book series, by Ian Kane. (in development).